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Thank You to Our Teachers!

  We sure do appreciate our teachers.  It is now more important than ever to highlight the amazing work of our North Carolina educators. While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many challenges, day in and day out our local teachers are rising to meet these challenges. Their dedication, hard work and sacrifice deserve our highest admiration. Personally, teacher appreciation is every day, and as such, let us be the first to say thank you to our teachers.   #RiccobeneLovesTeachers This week, we are encouraging all ... Read more

Now Scheduling Treatment for all Dental Services!

Schedule An Appointment Today! Find an office nearest you!     Read more

Common Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Wisdom teeth are our third set of molars that usually come in during your late teens to early twenties. Over time our jaws have shrunk, leaving little room for the extra row of teeth, which is why they can cause pain and need to be extracted. Besides pain, what are some of the common signs you need your wisdom teeth taken out? Not every patient experiences pain associated with their wisdom teeth. Sometimes we will recommend pulling them based on your x-rays ... Read more
dental assistants appreciation week

Dental Assistant’s Appreciation Week

We are so proud of our hardworking team of trained dental assistants, who play a crucial role in ensuring our office teams work efficiently together and our doctors have the support to deliver successful treatment to our patients each day. From comforting a nervous patient to assisting major dental surgery, a dental assistant has so many responsibilities that many may not be aware of. A few of these responsibilities include: Extensive knowledge of advanced dental procedures X-rays, blood pressure readings, and dental impressions Knowledge of dental ... Read more

Consumer Overview: Denture Products

If you have dentures, or even if you haven’t, chances are you’ve seen TV advertisements for denture products. Because dentures and teeth loss can be emotional topics, it’s no surprise that the advertisements try (let’s call them) unconventional approaches. Sometimes they try too hard to be funny, sincere, or authoritative. Other times they go for realness and end up somewhere closer to too-much-information. But for all their flaws, these ads are speaking to a sizable market. Over 60 million people in the ... Read more
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