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November is National Diabetes Month. What does that mean for dental health?

People who have been diagnosed with diabetes, both Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes, are at risk for increased dental health issues. This is due to the fact that circulation can pose a problem with those who are diagnosed.  Diabetics are at increased risk of periodontal, or gum disease, due to this. Often, diabetics will notice a dry mouth or increased thirst, often an early warning sign of the disease. Why Are Diabetics At Greater Risk of Dental Issues? When diabetes is not ... Read more

Transitioning From Dentures To Implants

For patients who are missing one, a few, or an entire arch of teeth, dentures can be a life-changing restorative option. However, their shorter lifespan, uncomfortable movement, and high-maintenance cleaning regimen cause many patients to make the transition to dental implants. After all, they have a whopping 95% success rate and can last 20+ years! However, to ensure the switch to implant dentures with Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry is seamless. 5 Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants Since dentures are a durable, tested solution ... Read more

4 Ways Your Smile Changes as You Age

It’s no secret, as you age, so does your smile. Teeth wear down as we chew our way through a lifetime of meals. Did you also know, teeth can move and shift well into adulthood? Here’s a roundup of 4 common changes orthodontists see in patients as they age: 1. Bottom teeth crowding As you age, your jaw bone loses density and shrinks. The mismatched size of the jaw bone with teeth can lead to crowding of the bottom front teeth. Crowding can ... Read more

Start Orthodontic Treatment for a Chance to WIN!

    Read more

Thank You to Our Teachers!

  We sure do appreciate our teachers.  It is now more important than ever to highlight the amazing work of our North Carolina educators. While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many challenges, day in and day out our local teachers are rising to meet these challenges. Their dedication, hard work and sacrifice deserve our highest admiration. Personally, teacher appreciation is every day, and as such, let us be the first to say thank you to our teachers.   #RiccobeneLovesTeachers This week, we are encouraging all ... Read more
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